The Hidden Treasures of the White Rock Ranch series is based on the adventures of Molly and Robbie who live on the White Rock Ranch, not far from the old ghost town of Lake Valley.
Join Molly and Robbie on their fun outdoor adventure and experience the wonders of nature, the fun of curiosity and a mysterious sense of history.
The Red Rusty Box
Book 1
​In Molly and Robbie's first adventure, while searching for diamonds, they find something unexpected.  What could it be? Money? Gold? A treasure? Will this adventure give this brother and sister team some new ideas about what treasure really is and what adventurers lived on this land before them?
The Hidden Treasures of the White Rock Ranch
The Rescue at the Dude Mine
​Book 2-Just Released Oct 2017
Molly is worried about the mysterious dream she had.  One minute, she's asleep in her bed.  The next, she's walking down a long, dark dirt road with only the moon to guide her.  She sees a mine in the distance and can hear owls screeching.  Before Molly can understand what's going on, an explosion rattles the area, and she wakes up on the floor.​

Meet the authors:
Georgia Lane
Maude Allen​​​
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